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What is a 4x4 group?

A 4x4 group is a small group of people meeting around a meal.  The purpose is simply to be intentional about getting together as the family of DLC.


Who is the target for 4x4 groups?

Those that we sit beside in service every week, but would love to know better. Also, new people coming into the congregation.


Why is it called 4x4?

4 families (singles), 4 meals, 4 months, 4 fun! (You are welcome to invite more and meet longer. This is simply a guideline.)


Is a 4x4 group a DLC group?

Yes. A DLC group is any group that meets outside of our weekend worship experiences that create opportunities for people to connect in a smaller setting.


Is a 4x4 group a Life Group?

No.  A Life group is a group of people gathering together on a regular basis with the goal of becoming more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. 4x4 groups will generally meet on a less regular basis than Life groups and also be more focused around a meal and natural conversation.


Can I be involved with a 4x4 group and a Life group?

Yes! We would love for you to be involved with both a life group weekly and a 4x4 group monthly sharing a meal together.


When do 4x4 groups meet?

The meeting time is left up to the groups to determine what works best for them.


Where do 4x4 groups meet?

Ideally, the groups would rotate among the homes of the participants in the group. However, it is ok to have a specific “host home.”


Please feel free to call the office at 918-341-1765 or to send us an email at for more info.

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