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To see the glory of God in every sphere -- Making Christ first in every place. 

  • We see a vibrant, multi-ethnic, multi-generational church family expanding in this region with two campuses, Claremore and Owasso, reaching families, equipping leaders, and sending out ministries.

  • We see every member as a minister, fully equipped and empowered for the work of the ministry and commissioned generationally.

  • We see an apostolic center—where leaders are sent out to plant other works or assist existing congregations in all areas of service. This vision works in conjunction with Apostolic Teams International with DLC as its headquarters reaching across the United States and internationally.

  • We see a church family that is a safe place for people to grow with a culture that values and models transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity. 

  • We see a house of prayer, a house of worship and a house of revival, a place where people are mobilized in prayer and established in worship with environments for people to encounter God.

  • We see the ATI family of churches growing through the streams that will develop through the next generation of leaders. The family of churches will be a multi-ethnic and multi-national movement. 

  • We see families walking in emotional and spiritual health, being able to care for others and impart their journey.

  • We see families and individuals mature in their finances and generously serving the Kingdom.

  • We see Claremore Christian School as a vital tool to assist families in training their children through biblical worldview education to change the culture where they are involved. 

  • We see Christ College as the foundation for doctrine and biblical literacy for generations to come, empowering those already involved in ministry leadership. 


to CONNECT people to God through Jesus Christ, to promote growth through authentic Christian COMMUNITY, and COMMISSION them to compassionately CARE for others.

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