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Christianity 101

This six-week interactive daily study guide is a great starting place for Christians who want to experience spiritual growth. Christianity 101 lays a solid biblical foundation for a new Christian and provides refreshing and encouragement for the mature believer.


Encounter Retreat

After completing Christianity 101, the Encounter Retreat is vital to the healing, growth, and maturing of every disciple. These powerful weekends of freedom and deliverance take place in the spring and fall of each year.


Discipleship 201

This ten-week course helps believers who have completed Christianity 101 and attended an Encounter Retreat to apply the truth and healing they have experienced to their everyday lives. It is a valuable tool to help believers walk in personal victory, and is ideal for small groups or the classroom setting. 


Spiritual Formation


This is an 18 week course focuses on training and teaching students with targeted subject material and personal impartation from seasoned leaders. The goal of 301 is to equip students to make disciples, serve others, and fulfill the call God has given them.


Doctrine 401

In the face of a Christless culture, Paul instructed Titus to teach sound doctrine. In light of our present day, we will be offering a 10 week course: Doctrine 401

Subjects include:

1. Inerrancy of the Scriptures

2. Continuity of God's Law

3. Attributes of God

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